Monday, March 31, 2008

I have found my new favorite website / blog.
I want to make out with it...and perhaps...have its babies.

Stuff White People Like

"Ah ha ha, it's true, it's true! We're so lame!"
- Homer Simpson

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I need to keep this up. For my own writing ability and for my one reader.

I'll have a more intricate post later. Right now I'm tired and thinking about the brownie I got from Flying Monkey yesterday.

I had a lovely good Friday off. I bought the best smelling lip balm, some much needed moisturizer, and delicious soap. Then I met up with Aaron to see the Star Wars exhibit at the Franklin Institute.
So...I'm glad I only paid $10.50 a ticket for the evening admission. It was short and missing a lot of props I'd expect to be there (no Ewoks???? WTF?) It was worth the cheaper admission but not at all worth the $20.50 daytime and weekend admission. Sure, you get to see the rest of the museum with the higher price, but it really hasn't changed much since the last time I was there 7 years ago. And we ended up just walking into areas anyway...not one person asked to see our ticket to the rest of the museum (which was supposedly closed but full of people)

I do admit to not being the biggest Star Wars fan. I was always kind of blah about the whole franchise. My heart belongs to Star Trek. But I do admit to getting kind of gigglely when seeing Chewbacca. The costume was really amazing...just huge and hairy and detailed. All I did was dork out over the details in the costuming.
I think it confused the nerds a little bit.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm tired.
And lame...for being so tired at 10:30 pm on a Thursday night.
I don't even work tomorrow....double lame.

That's about all I can must from my sleepy head.
I just think I need to say something...keep this blogging/documenting kick alive.

For the one person who reads it..
Hello one person.

Monday, March 17, 2008

I was tempted to take my last post down. The grammar was atrocious! But I won't. Its what I said in that moment in time, no matter how sloppy or poorly thought out.

Sometimes it amazes me that I used to be a writer.

I've fallen head over heels in love with the Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Lace. I have 5 colors in total but 6 skeins (I repeated Seattle because its the most wonderful neutral ever!) I just want to sit and look at it all day...occasionally petting it to make sure its not some wonderful yarn dream.

I love it almost as much as I'm loving John Adams thus far....
Sigh...Thomas Jefferson was so dreamy.

I'm taking many pictures. Until I have a flickr account up and running I'm posting a picture with every entry. The pictures are keeping me more active here then strictly text.

I'm very sad I didn't really see snow. I read blogs from Canadians with multiple feet of snow, and daydreamed of being in a cozy warm house with snow falling outside, but it would not have been practical in my current housing situation.
I welcome spring with open arms, and scowl at summer coming up right behind it. I feel more awake and alive with the longer hours of daylight. My commute doesn't feel as hellish as it did, even though I am looking forward to moving away and ending that horrible train ride once and for all! We cannot move back to the city soon enough!

The suburbs are nice for some people but definitely not for me! How do people do it? I feel trapped and stir crazy. If I had a few acres and a big house maybe, but anything smaller then that is hell! At least in the city I can walk dozens of places without even thinking about my car.

I need to go back to fawning over my Misti. Its exactly all the colors I've wanted for years...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm still feeling particularly antisocial. I think its a combination of work stress, work horribleness and the long drawn out winter.

Although going home with the sun still up is a vast improvement (I don't leave my office until 6:20, I don't get home until 7pm)

We have a new photo program to play with so expect lovely pictures soon. This magical program can even make my retarded landscape pictures marvelous!

I'm excited for Top chef tonight. I didn't even know it was premiering until Saturday. I'm so behind in my pop culture.
I won't even explain my excitement over the John Adams mini series starting this weekend on HBO. I am OBSESSED with period movies, always have been always will. I love early American history, and I have a weird crush on Paul Giamatti.
I'm just going to watch it over and over and over. I can't wait until the DVD!!!!

I'm on an egg salad kick. My mom grew up eating it everyday during her childhood so she hated to make it. I could only occasionally talk her into making it for me. I'm also fascinated with Deviled Eggs but they seem to really only exist for parties. But I egg salad is delicious and I could eat it until I got sick of it, which I swear would be never!

I ordered 3 skeins of the new Misti Alpaca Hand painted laceweight yarn. I bought it for the soul purpose of designing a shawl from it. I may just sit at my door at work and watch for the postman every day until it arrives. I love Webs....truly and deeply for brining this treasure to me. My local yarn store 3 states away.

I think that's all the conversation I can muster. And that took a lot.
I do feel kind of bad though. Its hard to explain to people that you just don't feel like talking...or only talking to a very tiny amount of people. Most don't really understand it. I'm kind of confused be people who need to socialize all the time. Don't you ever just feel like being quite and alone with your thoughts? So weird.

I just haven't felt myself lately. I feel like an awkward teenager.
...I'm hoping I'll hit my 20's soon.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Lucretia My Reflection

Maybe it's the newly imported Cocteau Twins on my Ipod.
Maybe it's the end of winter.
Maybe it's my work situation finally becoming calmer so my mind has time to wander.

Something is making me have lust and longing for all that is dark.

My current shawl is black, aqua and brown. Much darker then I normally knit with. (and it's Anne of all things!) I obsessively think about the Raven series from Blue Moon Fibers and how much I want to get two color ways in Geisha. I'm itching to start my kimono sweater in dark black purple. If it's black and purple i want it. If it's black and blue i want it!

And now.....oh filthy whore of a store! You tempt me with the new Misti Alpaca hand painted laceweight yarn! Its too much temptation!

I'm not on a yarn diet or anything else budget is just so small it hurts to look at anything except necessities. A splurge for me right now is spending $1.50 on a soda for lunch...and that is living the high life.

But one dark little beauties will be me all mine!

(although...I admit, the misti colors I like are not dark or depressing...they are down right bright and cheery....but....that would have kind of ruined my momentum, don't you think?)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I am never eating anywhere in this city again. EW!

Except Franklin's an all ice cream existence for me!

I seriously wish I could burn everything I read about places I go to out of my head.

I'm going to go wash my eyes out with soap and water.