Thursday, October 25, 2007

the hardest anniversary I have.

January 20, 1941 - October 25, 2005

My mom died two years ago today.

It feels like so much time has passed, like a whole lifetime, but it all feels so recent too.

I still cry most nights. I still can't look at her handwriting and I still start sobbing whenever I go into an AC Moore.

Its weird what memories I think about most. I'm always picturing her hands, and the silly face she would make at me or the short but sweet voicemails she would leave me.

I was a stronger person when she was here I'd like to continue to be, make her proud of me, but sometimes getting out of bed and dragging myself to work is all I can muster.

I miss her everyday....and I will forever.

I love you mom...and I always will.

Friday, October 05, 2007

I'm missing you.

Lake Shore Drive
by the Innocence Mission

Regret has gone down in my estimation now.
The old world had you smiling out,
putting your arms around.
I tell myself now
things I would have told to you,
the smallest plan, the greatest news.
The more days come, the more it's true.

Right now I've got to get back home,
in from the sad day out.
Missing you forever,
yes, I shout, yes I, yes I, yes I am.

It seems the right time
to let go of the steep incline
of this day and to know you're mine
forever and I will be fine.
In me will you shine,
shine, shine, will you shine.

I'm stepping through
the streams and fountains of the sad day out.
Missing you forever,
yes, I shout, yes I, yes I, yes I am.
Yes I, yes I, yes I am.

I miss my mom.