Monday, September 25, 2006

Another reason to hate Philadelphia

Philadelphia has followed other cities like NY and LA and passed a smoking ban.

In a city with an escalating crime rate, a ridiculous wage tax, and non-existent funding of major services....this is of course highest priority to the powers that be.

I do admit, I enjoy smoking while drinking. It is what the dive bar is designed for. So I will miss having the freedom to do so. But I'm more angry at the fact that so many problems that need addressing have been pushed to the back burner for something so frivilous! Why aren't more people outraged?!!??!!

This city is so backwards. I honestly do not understand how people voluntarily stay here. We are sticking around long enough to get a big chunk of debt paid, then we are out of here. I could never be happy in such a corrupt, hostile, and dirty city. And the thought of raising a child here seems ridiculous.

I don't know...this has nothing to do with knitting. But its whats buzzing around my head today. I'm just so bothered by the whole thing. There's not enough ambulances....but god forbid someone smoke in a bar. Bah. And I'm going to punch the next person who says its great......its not great. Its sad.....its sad that an owner of a drinking establishment can't decide whether they will let smoking be allowed in their establishment. I hate the thought of the government baby sitting its citizens.

....Because you know it won't just stop at smoking....

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Something Wicked This Way Comes..

I am a magazine whore.

I subscribe to 4 knitting magazines...I think...I can't remember.
I subscribe to 3 lady dominated magazines of the punk-ass variety.
I subscribe to 1 political/punk music magazine.
I subscribe to 1 Regional Urban legend filled mag.

....and this was after I cut back.

And what lovely magazines did I trek all the way to Border's to purchase? Why...Martha Stewart living and Better Homes and Gardens of course! But these are not your average issues mind you...they are CHOCK FULL OF HALLOWEEN! Its like crafters porn. I breathe heavy at the mere thought of jack o' lanterns and squash filled foods. Heck, even the picture perfect atumn shots make my head spin.

And please...I will not even get started on my constant and obsessive fondling of Halloween goods in local retailors.....this is a family friendly holiday.

October 1st is two weeks a way....two long agonizing weeks. But when its here it seems to flicker out so quickly.

But back to my purchases. I was highly impressed with the Better Homes and Gardens issue. Great article on antique Halloween collecting. And the Halloween items that are featured in the issue are well done. Martha on the other hand was medicore. Still lovely and oh so New England, but overall crammed with too much other information. I wish they would go back to producing two issues for October. One issue dedicated only to Halloween, the other to basic autumness. If anyone ever comes across her greatness on the street please tell her we want Halloween back damnit!

Mmm....Martha.....I love your hanging spiders....ooohhh...

Friday, September 15, 2006

Busy Little Bee

Why do I seem to forget what font I used to type previous journal entries everytime I type a new one?

I'm a wee bit obsessive about fonts...I get crazed if two items on the same page don't match. I'm a little bit weird that way.

Man, work is just sucking up my time. Who knew having a full time job could be so time consuming! I'm hoping to have some quality time with my knitting this weekend. In a complete crazed moment I ripped out the first shawl I ever did. Mind you, it was completely finished, all ends were long since woven in, it has been previously blocked and worn quite a few times. Why did I succomb to the insanity? My bind off was way too tight, so it was making the entire shawl too small. I liked the color so much that I couldn't bare not to wear it. So...the whole thing is scrapped. As soon as I'm done my oak leaf scarf it will be worked on.
(it would be started already but I'm out of row counters...I mean...I ONLY have 6 of them)

I think my next post will be a bit more jazzy....some photos...some action shots. Its going to be super awesome terrific!

And on a completely unrelated note. I have recently purchased cosmetics. I went completely insane....if it was a fall limited edition kind of thing I now own it! Two Stila fall eye shadow palettes, 4 limited edition fall scented/colored lip balms....Cargo limited edition eye shadow and lip gloss palette. I'm just insane. If it was nearly bronze/gold/khaki/orange/spice I have it in my greedy little hands. I stare at them precious....if only it was cool enough outside to wear you.

I may post again soon. Since I'm so much more productive about things like this on the weekend then I am during the week.

Should I even start a new sweater if I already have two on needles? They are tiny needles, and something quicker would sure be swell. (although I have quite enough yarn...unfortunately not in the gauge I need for this specific sweater)

Decisions...decisions...please tell me I don't need more matter how cheap it is!

Free Dog!

I'm so upset about the whole Duane "Dog" Chapman thing! I won't even go into it because I find the whole thing infuriating! How can a man who has helped so many get arrested for something so stupid! Bah! There's many many more people more deserving of a jail sentence then Dog, Leeland and Tim!

Free Dog!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

cough cough

I'm ill and it's all my husbands fault.

Please kick him in the shin if you see him walking down the street.

Wait...I'm supposed to be talking about knitting. Hmm...I started an oak leaf scarf from Fibertrends in a very autumnal skein of Anne. I have many autumn outings planned to wear it to, plus it will match my newly purchased brown hoodie and sneakers.

Because everyone knows that brown is the new black....or it could be that brown is the new brown. I don't really care either way, because I'm going to look chocolate fantastic all fall!

I really don't have anything impressive or mind-altering to say. I'm in my first week of a new job. Its weird to go from sitting at home watching the Travel channel and knitting all day to sitting in an office, listening to cds and typing all day. I'm still trying to fit all 8 million things I'd like to get accomplished every day in to my little 8 hours at home before I sleep. I was so happy to actually be getting my knitting projects done, or at least big impressive chunks done. Now I'm back to dribbles. Its sad. My dreams of an all knitted October are not going to come true.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Through the looking glass

I finall did it. I finally started an "official" blog. I mean, I have two....they're just on sites that don't have blogging as their specific purpose.

So here I am. I'd like to pretend this is going to be about knitting and the like, but it probably won't, since I like about a million other things almost as much (I said almost....)

Please leave me comments telling me I'm an idiot for starting another thing to suck up all of my time.

Real post to come soon...