Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Something Wicked This Way Comes..

I am a magazine whore.

I subscribe to 4 knitting magazines...I think...I can't remember.
I subscribe to 3 lady dominated magazines of the punk-ass variety.
I subscribe to 1 political/punk music magazine.
I subscribe to 1 Regional Urban legend filled mag.

....and this was after I cut back.

And what lovely magazines did I trek all the way to Border's to purchase? Why...Martha Stewart living and Better Homes and Gardens of course! But these are not your average issues mind you...they are CHOCK FULL OF HALLOWEEN! Its like crafters porn. I breathe heavy at the mere thought of jack o' lanterns and squash filled foods. Heck, even the picture perfect atumn shots make my head spin.

And please...I will not even get started on my constant and obsessive fondling of Halloween goods in local retailors.....this is a family friendly holiday.

October 1st is two weeks a way....two long agonizing weeks. But when its here it seems to flicker out so quickly.

But back to my purchases. I was highly impressed with the Better Homes and Gardens issue. Great article on antique Halloween collecting. And the Halloween items that are featured in the issue are well done. Martha on the other hand was medicore. Still lovely and oh so New England, but overall crammed with too much other information. I wish they would go back to producing two issues for October. One issue dedicated only to Halloween, the other to basic autumness. If anyone ever comes across her greatness on the street please tell her we want Halloween back damnit!

Mmm....Martha.....I love your hanging spiders....ooohhh...

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Lisa said...

Oh yeah, you and Martha hanging out, I can so see it! She could do a feature on knitting tattoos...its a good thing.