Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I hate how life always interupts my knitting..

I've been meaning to blog. I even have pictures of a recently completed baby sweater. I've had knittings things to talk about, summer photos and stories, and updates about my life in general.

But life, doing what it does, has kept me busy. Work has been kicking my ass repeatedly. And if that wasn't enough I've been having medical issues as of late. Nothing to get myself to paranoid over, but enough to keep me stressed out. I have to go for a bunch of tests. Its nothing that came from out of the blue, but its a lot of things that can be devastating if left unchecked.

My knitting vacation just doesn't seem to be helping. I've been so tired its hard to work on anything. I think my goal of two sweaters done this summer has been officially thrown off track. Although, baby sweaters count, right?

I'll update soon.