Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Are those pictures on the horizon?

I FINALLY have a camera.


One of my very own.

The most adorable little digital camera. It lives in my purse. I take random pictures of buildings on a daily basis.

I'm not the kind of person who takes pictures of people. I'm more of a things, stuff, and buildings kind of gal.

I have it named it yet. It still hasn't had a name jump out at me.

But what does all of this have to do with my blog and you...my...well...one reader?

I will not have a naked blog any longer!!!!

....now if only I would actually finish a project or two..

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Heath Ledger...so sad.

Seriously depressing.
He was such a good actor and he had such a young daughter.
Definitely some of the saddest hollywood news I've heard recently.

RIP Heath Ledger.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Seriously...it is not January

Its been warm, like spring warm. I would like to enjoy it, but its doing quite the number on my lungs. As I've posted about previously, I'm still sick as a dog. But I plan on spacing out all weekend so hopefully my poor little lungs and nose will heal during this mindless time.

The only thing that has cheered me up is:
- new yarn. New lace yarn. The kind of lace yarn that makes me daydream at work of all the things I'd like to make with it
- new patterns, for new lace yarn
- The speed I've seem to built up when it comes to knitting lace shawls. I can make a shoulder shawl in a week, at about an hour or two a night. So if I had nothing else to do I could probably make one in a day, if that's all I did and I wasn't horribly ill. Maybe making shawls on the side to sell isn't as insane of an idea as I thought it was.
- Flight of the Conchords.
- my sense of smell and taste is kind of back. I can taste strong flavors and I can smell strong smells. I'm looking forward to the day when even the tiniest scent can be noticed again
- Franklin Fountain...my favorite historical ice cream shop...is now open all year long. Last year they closed for winter....I'm glad I can stop in for hand made soda and a hot fudge Sundae any Saturday I choose.

Aa just bought a camera so picture coming soon!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I was healthy for about a week. I caught a cold last week, which has morphed into a sinus infection and hacking cough. I feel horrible. I blame 3 things: 1. public transportation 2. a really warm and dry work environment 3. Crazy up and down weather patterns.

Just sitting here typing feels like a big struggle, because its hard to stop coughing long enough to type.

Aa is looking into buying a nice, new camera so pictures may be coming soon.
I just finished a baby sweater but sadly gifted it before taking pictures.

Since I'm not up to conversing yet here's some bullet points of interest:

- I'm already in love with Parking Wars. Its follows the parking authority in Philadelphia. Every "fuck you" makes me beam with pride
- I'm in the teeny tiny stages of making my fiber dreams come true. I'm thinking of starting my own yarn based business. That's all I'm going to say for now, but I really am hoping that everything works out this year.
- I like buying yarn from Etsy more then any other place. Seriously. So many creative people out there. I will say it.....the web will be the LYS of the future.
- There's too many video games to play right now. What to choose....space alien RPG or weird puzzle game with a homicidal computer. So many choices....and all reviewed well. Too bad none of them will be as swoon inducing as Bioshock was.
- I'm looking forward to the superbowl. My pick: The Patriots, and that is not just because Tom Brady is cute (although I'm more of a Brett Favre kind of girl myself)

More soon. I'm getting tired just sitting up at this point so I need to go take medicine and lay down for a bit.