Monday, December 15, 2008

Sometimes you just need beauty to keep you awake

I'm so exhausted. Emotionally and physically.
I really do need something lovely and simple to keep me going through this long December.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The holidays can go screw.

I'm seriously sick of the holidays...and Christmas...and commercials...and shopping.
I've become very grinch-like over the past two years.

I work in customer service, for a company that sells things to the general public. This is the time of year where everyone comes out of the wood work to shop. So the level of socially inept people I need to speak with on a daily basis sky rockets. I used to have faith that most people honestly care about their fellow man....until Thanksgiving hits. What makes shopping turn harmless people into raving lunatics?
December 1st I had already heard two people say we ruined their Christmas....December entire 24 days before Christmas. If I lived in a perfect world I would have told them both to take a flying leap.

But I digress. I'm very broke, I probably will not buy Christmas presents until January. My hair is unruly and unkempt, I desperately need new shoes, and I feel really horrible about not being able to do things for AA. I don't have a family. (I have AA and his family, who I love very much, but it's just not the same.) I miss my mom.
Lots of things....

Anyway...a combination of both of the above make this time of year brutal. I avoid anything Christmas and holiday related because it just make me very depressed. I'm pretty grouchy and exhausted, so having to deal with the general public on my off time is just unbearable.

I just wish December was over. I wish I could go hide away for a a cabin away from all of the commercialization and happy people.

And seriously...this is not my pity's more of a verbalization of my frustration that this holiday has been shoved down my throat...and I do not like it.

Bah humbug.