Friday, January 11, 2008 is not January

Its been warm, like spring warm. I would like to enjoy it, but its doing quite the number on my lungs. As I've posted about previously, I'm still sick as a dog. But I plan on spacing out all weekend so hopefully my poor little lungs and nose will heal during this mindless time.

The only thing that has cheered me up is:
- new yarn. New lace yarn. The kind of lace yarn that makes me daydream at work of all the things I'd like to make with it
- new patterns, for new lace yarn
- The speed I've seem to built up when it comes to knitting lace shawls. I can make a shoulder shawl in a week, at about an hour or two a night. So if I had nothing else to do I could probably make one in a day, if that's all I did and I wasn't horribly ill. Maybe making shawls on the side to sell isn't as insane of an idea as I thought it was.
- Flight of the Conchords.
- my sense of smell and taste is kind of back. I can taste strong flavors and I can smell strong smells. I'm looking forward to the day when even the tiniest scent can be noticed again
- Franklin favorite historical ice cream now open all year long. Last year they closed for winter....I'm glad I can stop in for hand made soda and a hot fudge Sundae any Saturday I choose.

Aa just bought a camera so picture coming soon!

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