Monday, September 25, 2006

Another reason to hate Philadelphia

Philadelphia has followed other cities like NY and LA and passed a smoking ban.

In a city with an escalating crime rate, a ridiculous wage tax, and non-existent funding of major services....this is of course highest priority to the powers that be.

I do admit, I enjoy smoking while drinking. It is what the dive bar is designed for. So I will miss having the freedom to do so. But I'm more angry at the fact that so many problems that need addressing have been pushed to the back burner for something so frivilous! Why aren't more people outraged?!!??!!

This city is so backwards. I honestly do not understand how people voluntarily stay here. We are sticking around long enough to get a big chunk of debt paid, then we are out of here. I could never be happy in such a corrupt, hostile, and dirty city. And the thought of raising a child here seems ridiculous.

I don't know...this has nothing to do with knitting. But its whats buzzing around my head today. I'm just so bothered by the whole thing. There's not enough ambulances....but god forbid someone smoke in a bar. Bah. And I'm going to punch the next person who says its great......its not great. Its sad.....its sad that an owner of a drinking establishment can't decide whether they will let smoking be allowed in their establishment. I hate the thought of the government baby sitting its citizens.

....Because you know it won't just stop at smoking....

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Sherry W said...

You can punch me Sunday if you want, but I DO feel for bartenders and waitstaff who are constantly breathing in toxic air. If they worked construction and had to work in similarly poluted air, OSHA or a union would have a shit fit if they didn't have respirators and loads of other gear. But they make a lot more money an hour.

I realize working in a bar is a choice. However, we all know employment options are limited, especially if your education is limited. So I just think it's interesting that the saftey of someone making $3-$10 hr in a dive bar is more acceptable then workers in a higer economic category.

Just my $.02.