Tuesday, September 12, 2006

cough cough

I'm ill and it's all my husbands fault.

Please kick him in the shin if you see him walking down the street.

Wait...I'm supposed to be talking about knitting. Hmm...I started an oak leaf scarf from Fibertrends in a very autumnal skein of Anne. I have many autumn outings planned to wear it to, plus it will match my newly purchased brown hoodie and sneakers.

Because everyone knows that brown is the new black....or it could be that brown is the new brown. I don't really care either way, because I'm going to look chocolate fantastic all fall!

I really don't have anything impressive or mind-altering to say. I'm in my first week of a new job. Its weird to go from sitting at home watching the Travel channel and knitting all day to sitting in an office, listening to cds and typing all day. I'm still trying to fit all 8 million things I'd like to get accomplished every day in to my little 8 hours at home before I sleep. I was so happy to actually be getting my knitting projects done, or at least big impressive chunks done. Now I'm back to dribbles. Its sad. My dreams of an all knitted October are not going to come true.

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