Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm still feeling particularly antisocial. I think its a combination of work stress, work horribleness and the long drawn out winter.

Although going home with the sun still up is a vast improvement (I don't leave my office until 6:20, I don't get home until 7pm)

We have a new photo program to play with so expect lovely pictures soon. This magical program can even make my retarded landscape pictures marvelous!

I'm excited for Top chef tonight. I didn't even know it was premiering until Saturday. I'm so behind in my pop culture.
I won't even explain my excitement over the John Adams mini series starting this weekend on HBO. I am OBSESSED with period movies, always have been always will. I love early American history, and I have a weird crush on Paul Giamatti.
I'm just going to watch it over and over and over. I can't wait until the DVD!!!!

I'm on an egg salad kick. My mom grew up eating it everyday during her childhood so she hated to make it. I could only occasionally talk her into making it for me. I'm also fascinated with Deviled Eggs but they seem to really only exist for parties. But I egg salad is delicious and I could eat it until I got sick of it, which I swear would be never!

I ordered 3 skeins of the new Misti Alpaca Hand painted laceweight yarn. I bought it for the soul purpose of designing a shawl from it. I may just sit at my door at work and watch for the postman every day until it arrives. I love Webs....truly and deeply for brining this treasure to me. My local yarn store 3 states away.

I think that's all the conversation I can muster. And that took a lot.
I do feel kind of bad though. Its hard to explain to people that you just don't feel like talking...or only talking to a very tiny amount of people. Most don't really understand it. I'm kind of confused be people who need to socialize all the time. Don't you ever just feel like being quite and alone with your thoughts? So weird.

I just haven't felt myself lately. I feel like an awkward teenager.
...I'm hoping I'll hit my 20's soon.

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