Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Lucretia My Reflection

Maybe it's the newly imported Cocteau Twins on my Ipod.
Maybe it's the end of winter.
Maybe it's my work situation finally becoming calmer so my mind has time to wander.

Something is making me have lust and longing for all that is dark.

My current shawl is black, aqua and brown. Much darker then I normally knit with. (and it's Anne of all things!) I obsessively think about the Raven series from Blue Moon Fibers and how much I want to get two color ways in Geisha. I'm itching to start my kimono sweater in dark black purple. If it's black and purple i want it. If it's black and blue i want it!

And now.....oh filthy whore of a store! You tempt me with the new Misti Alpaca hand painted laceweight yarn! Its too much temptation!

I'm not on a yarn diet or anything else budget is just so small it hurts to look at anything except necessities. A splurge for me right now is spending $1.50 on a soda for lunch...and that is living the high life.

But one dark little beauties will be me all mine!

(although...I admit, the misti colors I like are not dark or depressing...they are down right bright and cheery....but....that would have kind of ruined my momentum, don't you think?)

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