Saturday, March 22, 2008

I need to keep this up. For my own writing ability and for my one reader.

I'll have a more intricate post later. Right now I'm tired and thinking about the brownie I got from Flying Monkey yesterday.

I had a lovely good Friday off. I bought the best smelling lip balm, some much needed moisturizer, and delicious soap. Then I met up with Aaron to see the Star Wars exhibit at the Franklin Institute.
So...I'm glad I only paid $10.50 a ticket for the evening admission. It was short and missing a lot of props I'd expect to be there (no Ewoks???? WTF?) It was worth the cheaper admission but not at all worth the $20.50 daytime and weekend admission. Sure, you get to see the rest of the museum with the higher price, but it really hasn't changed much since the last time I was there 7 years ago. And we ended up just walking into areas anyway...not one person asked to see our ticket to the rest of the museum (which was supposedly closed but full of people)

I do admit to not being the biggest Star Wars fan. I was always kind of blah about the whole franchise. My heart belongs to Star Trek. But I do admit to getting kind of gigglely when seeing Chewbacca. The costume was really amazing...just huge and hairy and detailed. All I did was dork out over the details in the costuming.
I think it confused the nerds a little bit.

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