Tuesday, June 05, 2007


After speaking to my new life coach this weekend (i.e. Marissa) I've come to a conclusion.

Putting all my focus into how my life is making me miserable is not healthy. Sure, there's many things wrong and frustrating. And yes, having depression makes seeing the positive kind of difficult.
If I'm going to do anything with my life I need to start changing things, or at least putting myself in a positive direction. I hate doing nothing with my time and energy. I have all these great ideas and its time some of them come into fruition.

So I'm starting another business, even though my first attempt failed miserably. Which was more the fault of a product that wasn't practical being sold to a market that didn't need it. But anyway...I digress.

I'm in the very early, baby stages of planning. I have yet to even work on testing production methods. But its something I know and love and will hopefully keep my creative side occupied and maybe, eventually, bring in some much needed extra money into my home. I have such a good head for business, I feel like I'm just wasting it. And Aaron is on board to help. Heck, he even seems more excited then I do at times.

Positive directions towards what I think is an attainable goal.

It seems a bit overwhelming and scary, but I've faced much worse. And my first failed attempt didn't kill me, it just stings a little. I can survive.

And since I have no vacation planned to speak of I have nothing but time on my hands. I might as well make something.


mariss said...

YES! yes. YESSSS!!!

We have to fail the first time (my stationary still hasn't done anything yet ;) in order to get the fear out of our system and our asses in gear.

I will be your life coach. I'm a planner, and by helping you, I can make myself be a better planner for my own ventures as well.

If we push each other, we can do well.

There's a lot of people who believe in you, and I am certainly one of them.

P.S. I'm a pretty stubborn and pain in the ass life coach, so watch out.


Lisa said...

Another person here who believes in you and your talent! Marissa is a great life coach...just don't let her make you run laps around Rittenhouse Square ;)

Sherry W said...

Mmm, I am interested in your business plan!