Friday, May 25, 2007

Quick non-negative points of interest

Because my whole life can't be gloom and doom, right?

- I'm now a brunette. Sure..not a big difference, unless you haven't been one for over a decade. I'm pretty happy. And its amazing how nice a persons skin looks when being paired with a hair color that is in the same color family as the one they were born with!

- I have an undying love for locally made pickles. I want to eat them with every meal.

- I kind of get a weird kick when I get unapproving looks from tourists walking through the area.

- There's something great about taking a shower after sweating all day at work.

- Bedhead hair products. Sure, I left you once, but I will never leave you again. Especially since Bumble and Bumble seems to be overpriced crap!

- Ted Leo is a hot, hot man. His music puts me in a good mood, no matter how foul I felt previously!

- Sleeping late every single day of this upcoming three day weekend.

- Free bags from work. I got not just one...but two sporty little numbers. Being the bag whore that I am this is the highlight of my freakin year!

- I love my favorite bar in the summer because it gets kind of dead. Not great for the owners, but being able to have conversations with the people around me, and getting to hang out with our friend who just also happens to be the bartender is awesome! Plus, we've met so many other really nice regulars there, I always look forward to going.

- My early summer that sounds like summer 2007:
* Cold War Kids - Hang me out to dry
* Silversun Pickups - Lazy Eye
* Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - CIA, The Lost Brigade

I'm sure I'll regret this after I get a horrible sunburn and heat exhaustion but i'm actually looking forward to time outside in the sun. I have sunblock ready and sneakers worn in. Flip flops are sitting patiently by the door. I am ready for summer to start already!!

....and yes..I will be eating those words in about a week!

1 comment:

mariss said...

Can't wait to see the new hairstyle. Bet it makes your eyes even bluer!

Invite me to your favorite bar one day, and I'll come chill with you. It sounds totally fun.

Yay for summer! Boo for pickles. I hate them with a passion, but Mike eats them in front of me to make me gag. However, tastes are changing, and I did recently try a bite of one. And did not die.

Have a fantastic weekend sleeping in and doing garter stitch and relaxing.