Monday, June 18, 2007

My Weekend was filled with blood and sun..

I bet the blood thing threw you off. It did the same thing to me, and I had to clean the mess up!
But let me back track a bit...

Friday: good pizza and ice cream cones from my favorite ice cream shop.

Saturday Day: Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn. Besides being completely over hipsters and their ilk, the day was fun. It was literally in an abandoned pool (AA didn't believe me even after I showed him a picture). This was kind of insane, being that it was 10 degrees hotter in the pool then outside of it. I can see why they work best filled with water. I bought the tastiest smelling lotion ever, two vinyl cuffs (with 2, maybe 3 more on the way..I love Miss Alison!!!), a tiny hair accessory and 2 lapel pins. I went with the always fabulous Marissa who is seriously awesome. I love supporting small companies so craft shows are my mecca. I only wish I had more money.

Saturday Night: Enter the blood. I met up with AA at our favorite bar. We had buckets of fun talking to everyone and drinking a few beers. Fastforward a few hours later. We are walking home, I'm a little buzzed, but far from falling down drunk. I'm walking past a bunch of restaurants that offer seating outside (on the freakin sidewalk to be exact. I won't even get into how infurating it make me when restaurants do this. They hog up the entire damn sidewalk...a public sidewalk no less, so pedestrians have to walk on the street. WTF is that??) I'm going from sidewalk to street. The next thing I know I'm laying in the street. I kind of vagulely remember bracing myself but I'm still perplexed as to how I fell or what I tripped on. I'm thinking the curb. This of course happens in front of an entire restaurant full of people. Everyone is staring, I think maybe one guy asked if I was ok (that's philly for ya). I jump up quickly, assure AA I'm fine and continue home. A few blocks later I notice my skirt feels wet. I don't remember a puddle being in the street so I check. Blood, blood and more blood. I seemed to have cut the hell out of my right knee, its bleeding profusely, and blood is just everwhere. Lucky for me I'm wearing a denim skirt that falls just below my knee. Its keeping blood from running down my leg. My left leg is scraped to hell but its not really bleeding. We continue on. AA is looking very worried and I am assuring him that I'm fine, checking to make sure that the blood is not running down my leg. I'm very worried about freaking out the general public.
Get home, clean myself up, (the most important thing ever is to ALWAYS have hydrogen peroxide, bandages, and triple antibiotic in your house at ALL TIMES) bandage my knee and go to bed.

Sunday: My knee and leg is alot more gnarly looking in the sun. My right knee is not just ripped to hell but its bruised too. My left leg is scraped up but not bleeding. Its very red though...which is insanely noticable on my very pale skin. I go pick up some more bandaids, peroxide, and antibiotic ointment and hed over to the bar our friend is bartending at. Yes...drinking trumps cleaning my wounds everytime! We have great conversations and eventually wander home in the heat and sun.

I'm annoyed that this seemed to happen just in time for a heatwave. I'm not embarassed by my giant gross scrapes and cuts, but they're a bit too gruesome to wear a skirt with. So I'm wearing long 91 degree heat. And it seems nearly impossible to keep a bandaid on. And....since its on my knee every movement feels tight and painful. Grumble grumble.

Only I can take a nice weekend and make it into a bloody mess.

Next post.....plans I'm ready to put into motion...

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Sherry W said...

Ouch! Hope your in shorts again soon!