Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I Hate Summer

Ok, that's a bit harsh. I strongly dislike summer. Summer and I are not on speaking terms.

Between the hot sun, bugs, and massive amounts of people everywhere there's not much to like. The only highlights are days off, longer amounts of sunlight, and air conditioning.

Some of my mental tasks to be completed before summer is over..

- knit two sweaters. I'm being wildly optimistic about this one. (remember, i knit on tiny needles on a regular basis..this could be quite the challenge)
- grow my hair to at least my shoulders. Not since high school has it been farther then my chin. But now that it is miraculously curly I look forward to having longer wavy locks.
- darken the freckles on my face
- visit the beach at least once
- go on at least three trips. It could be one day, it could be a weekend. Just get me the hell out of Philadelphia!
- re-arrange my bookshelves. (doesn't sound very exciting, but don't be fooled, i've put this off for at least 2 years now)
- read at least two books
- play at least two of the video games I have yet to play but have been sitting on for months/years.
- get my business off the ground

I'm sure there's more things on that list in my head, but i must be blocking things i really don't want to do.

Nothing is very spectacular, but i will be immensely happy if I get all of that accomplished over the next three months.

I really did have a much more detailed blog in the works in my head, but I've lost motivation, plus the radio at work keeps distracting me. I long for days of absolute quiet. Everything is so noisy in my life, even when nothing is running.

Summer is noisy....another annoyance of this time of year. Its the time of white noise and loud speaking people.

Blah. Where's a cold dark cave when you need one.

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