Sunday, May 06, 2007

Oh could I have doubted you..

All I need is a Sheep and Wool Festival and friends to pal around with in the sunshine....suddenly yarn is fun again!

I think my recent ennui concerning yarn has finally passed. I did not spend gluttoneously this year, like I have in the past, but everything I came home with has made me unbelievably happy, and I can actually see using every last yard of yarn. When my budget is microscopic it makes everything I purchase that much more special, since it really has to be something lovely to draw the cash from my pocket.

I'm sure I'll take pictures of it eventually. I'm just kind of....well....I don't like taking pictures of yarn sitting on my carpet. There...I've admitted it. I think its silly and it goes against everything being married to a photographer has taught me.

Other random tidbits about the festival:
- Animals are cute. Their 'tocks are much cuter!
- I look forward to the day when I can bring my little babies to a similar festival. Because seriously....grown women running around petting animals is a weird way....but it really seems to be more appropriate for adorable children to be doing it!
- Hand made soda tastes even better when given to me by girls made to wear ridiculous outfits showing much skin. But someone please explain this to me....if most of the festival is made up of women...who are they actually trying to attract with this marketing ploy?
- It always blows my mind how rude suburban ladies get when put in a large crowd situation. I saw a friend of mine not only get shoved, but had her arm hit out of a persons way. If it had been me I would have been barred from ever going back.
- Even when its overcast I really should use sunblock. One day this little nugget of common sense will stick in my brain.
- Heat + dirt + early morning + constant walking = exhaustion
- Non tacky colors really do exist.....they're just harder to find
- I can find PA people everywhere.....
- People I don't know can be very nice and friendly
- Lots of people seem to like skull themed knitting tattoos.....and I do try to explain this to non knitters who always ask "cute skull...what are those sticks underneath?"
- Although I'm kind of sad that lace knitting has become such a fad, I am very happy I can find more laceweight yarns. It used to be something exotic no one ever bothered everyone carries it!

I'll get into more detaisl about yarn and projects soon. I'm still kind of sleepy from this whole weekend. Plus, I have cashmere to fondle.

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Lisa said...

So so so enjoyed spending the day with you at Sheep and Wool! The worst of my burn was over by Monday, how about you? Everyone at work was remarking on my tan :)