Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sometimes I miss being medicated...

...I honestly do.

There's days that being mentally ill is just an overwhelming thing. I can't think or concentrate or muster enough energy to communicate or knit. The feeling of awkwardness and sadness is really all that I can focus on. And its just a bummer.

So my communications with the outside world have been few and far between. My numerous blogs scattered around the interweb have been collecting dust. I don't even know why I'm writing this. Maybe so I feel like some little bit of junk can finally escape my brain.

Sheep and Wool is this weekend and I'm kind of underwhelmed by the whole idea. I'm not sick of it per say, but I do know the lay of the land and in the past two years nothing has been very new or exciting. I think I'm just not into yarn shopping as of late. When I have to worry about every penny going into bills and groceries my priorities change. I get more excited about getting a great fragrance or bar of soap then a skein of yarn I won't even touch for at least a year, and that's being optimistic! And the knitting population that place attracts makes me feel weird. I don't like suburban women...didn't like them when I lived there, don't like them now...so being surrounded by herds of them gives me the willies. It has every single year I've gone. Maybe I'm just happy living in the little liberal bubble the city gives me.

Hopefully I'll cheer up or get slightly excited by Friday. Hell...you never know...I may find a bag of money on the way home from work.

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