Thursday, May 01, 2008

I have promised pictures.
I have many pictures to post.

I've just had one doozy of a week. I'm so tired that I could fall asleep sitting here. And seriously...if I see one more excel sheet I may scream. SCREAM!

I do have good news though. I finally had my year review at work...and it went awesome! I'm appreciated and I got a raise. I'm still spending most of my paychecks to pay off my retarded credit card debt, but at least now I have a few extra dollars left over!

And...the absolute best part....I will be getting paid retroactively for the past month, starting with tomorrows pay day! Conveniently before Maryland Sheep and Wool!

There really is a god!


1 comment:

mariss said...

That's awesome, Jen! Congratulations, and smart girl to spend it on your credit card debt. That's my goal too.

I'll look to see you at Sheep and Wool :)