Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Late September and its still feels like summer!


90 degrees tomorrow.

Bah. I will never get to wear anything wooly at this rate!

Sorry for the loooonnnggg absence. Work has been hectic, the man and I are trying to find a house to move to, and I've been spending most of my free time knitting. I'm doing a sample for the most fabulous Shannon and I'm on a deadline. Well, a very vague loose deadline, which I'm actually trying to adhere to since i was very wishy washy and lazy about it at the beginning.

I've finished a shawl for myself, but no picture yet.

Hmm...why am I updating again? It seems like I have so little to say.
So here's a list of stuff I like, since lists are the new black:
- The Eagles..particularly Westbrook. That man is amazing
- Iron and Wine - The Shepard's Dog. I've been waiting forever for this album...and it was worth every agonizing minute. When I see him on Friday it will be magical!
- The 2007 World Series of Poker is finally on ESPN. Watching poker may be the lamest thing I do, but I love it!
- Halloween themed magazines. Particularly Make and Martha Stewart. I may not be having a big party or have a front yard to decorate, but a girl can dream.
- Tastykake Pumpkin Pie. Its the unofficial beginning of the autumn season
- Halo 3. Such a pretty game to look at, and it will keep AA out of my hair for a few days!
- Even though AA and I are mentally ready to move the hell away from Philly, financially we can't. But...it is nice to know that there are a few neighborhoods in Philly that let you forget that your still in...well...Philly.

Hopefully more substantial updates soon. Maybe once we have somewhere to actually live. All of our energy is in home hunting mode. And this heat...this heat is making me antisocial and grouchy....and since we've already taken out our air conditioners...multiply that crankiness by 100.

Seriously September....what the hell?

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