Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fake Meat is better then knitting!

Wait....did I get your attention?

I know...i speak blasphemous things. Fake meat, although very good indeed, is not better then knitting. It does, however, make me unspeakablely happy. And one item in particular is making my taste buds sing!

Fake roast beef. Fake freakin roast beef!!! With mayo and cheese on a sandwich is heavenly. It is produced by our new favorite company of vegetarian delights Yves! And supposedly the roast beef is only available in Canada. But magically, like an act of god, it appears weekly in our local Shop Rite. If it ever does disappear I will move to Canada immediately to live as close as possible to this heavenly food.

Other then obsessing over my sandwich for lunch, everything has been non-knitting. October sucks up an obscene amount of time, but oddly enough at the end I never feel like I accomplished anything. I did all the festive Halloween things I wanted to do, but it never seems like enough. I immediately start planning for next years lunacy. And Halloween always seems like a quiet little gasp at the end. I usually stay in, watch the same movies and specials I watch every year, and fall asleep at a reasonable time.
I think trick or treating should be available for adults. Especially those of us who don't want to wake up with a hang over the next day. A slight sugar headache sounds like a much easier way of dealing with past festivites.

The future: Stitches East is this weekend. I'll be attending on Friday, since every booth seems to be sold out before Saturday. I have a pitiful amount of money I can spend, so I will have to be on my best behavior. Thankfully i feel very blase about yarn and knitting right now. I mean, I like working on my current projects, but i'm not in that frenzied state of mind that could get me into trouble at such an event. I think its because I'm not yet fully aware that Novemeber is here. I can see it on my calendar on my watch, but my brain is still in some sort of weird denail over the whole thing.

Oh...and I haven't finished CRAP in weeks. My projects seem to be moving along like iceburgs, and I'm lucky if i get two gigantic rows in a night.
Tiny knitting seemed to go a lot faster when I actually had time to devote to it!

If you see me at Stitches please say hi. I have chin length reddish hair, a bag that says "will knit for tattoos", and a surly expression on most of the time. I'm a kitten that much surliness. Although, my friends could tell you, please do not get between me and Schaefer yarns could get ugly!

...god that was a good sandwich...


maris said...

Treat yourself to something special! I wish I could come, but it is not meant to be!

I hope you guys have a great time. We'll have to plan our next meet up soon. Before Turkey Day.

Glad you liked your roast un-beef. I like you to be happy!

Sherry W said...
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Sherry W said...

I think there will be oddles of Anne, and I won't be there to get in your way of any oranges. :(