Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oh...so that's what you mean...

I've never really understood the whole seasonal depression thing. Since I had depression all of the time I didn't understand how a season, or change in daylight, or change in weather, could really affect anything.

I didn't understand....until now. I've just been kind of miserable all week for a reason I can't figure out. So I'm blaming the weather, and the change in season, and the darkness that seems to loom over every hour of the day. I hope the entire winter is not like this. Its just...well...depressing!

I've also come to realize that I am incapable of putting buttons on a garment correctly. Sure, I can physically sew it on without a problem, but trying to get everything to line up is just impossible. I don't have a table, I don't want to bend over and lay everything out on the floor, and even if I had the most ideal set up I still don't think it would work.
I normally put on my buttons, wear it out once, nearly cry in hatred of the terrible job I did lining up everything, immediately cut every button off once I get home, then stitch everything back on. Sometimes this replays about three to four times, sometimes I'm lucky and everything falls into place the second time.

How can I do intricate lace and other intimidating things but I can't manage to get a button on properly? Do I subconsciously hate buttons?

I spent the last two hours placing all 9 buttons. I will wear my sweater tomorrow, hopefully not look like a complete idiot, and do the whole process again tomorrow night.
I can seam all day...but buttons....I really hate buttons.

See..I'm grouchy. I'm dealing with a low simmering cold virus, a very empty wallet that will remain that way until January, and a workplace without heat. And now....Warcrack is down for maintenance.

Sigh. Maybe sleeping is the best option at this point in time....before the sweater drives me insane.

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