Monday, October 13, 2008

Sick days are not so fun as an adult

After proudly not calling out one day this year due to illness....I went home sick.

I worked three hours, got what I needed done, then walked my long 40 minute trek home, which feels miles longer when breathing out of your nose is not an option.
I stopped, picked up some chilly from a local coffee house and cold medicines from CVS, and went up to my apartment.
My cats where happy to see me but kind of puzzled as to why I was here.

I took an hour nap and now need to drink hot tea and work on a baby sweater I need done by this weekend.

I just wish I had the sense to play hooky when I didn't feel terrible. A mental health day would be nice once and awhile.

Oh well..I'm off to sneeze and blow my nose for the one millionth time today.

Please remember...hand sanitizer is your friend everyone!

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