Thursday, September 04, 2008

Look at my pictureless blog

I am married to a photographer. Someone who takes many many pictures.
One day day. When it's not so hot that I sweat at my computer because my tower is producing too much heat.

Its September and all the trees in my neighborhood are dead and dry and it was over 90 degrees today.
What the hell??!!

I continue to march on through my sweaters. My grand plan is to have at least two sweaters done by October. Sure...this doesn't really sound like a crazy idea, but all the sweaters I make are normally done on a needle size smaller then a US 7. The two I would like to finish are on a 6 and 5 respectively. And...and...its hot. Much hotter then expected.
I'm trying to stay on course. And finish a shawl sample that is WAY overdue as well.
I will complete all my tasks if it kills me!


Besides that I've been riding my bike...remembering how sore my ass can be from riding a bike...trying to pretend that I don't look like a total moron in my bike helmet...hoping that I will one day find the shoes of my dreams....and being endless entertained by my husband and cats.

That's it. My new goal is to also post more regularly. So maybe someone other then my husband will read this occasionally.


Anonymous said...

aw man, but the helmet is so important. I just saw a girl get hit by a car on her bike this weekend. It was bad... bone sticking out. Yiiiikkes!

Shannon said...

why, that wouldn't be a shawl sample for a certain someone, would it? would it???