Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Babies babies everywhere.

Seriously...EVERYWHERE! Everyone seems to have one or two or five.

And I think I'm finally....gasp...wanting one of my own.
So before everyone starts sending me frantic'm not pregnant...and no...I don't plan on being in my immediate future. But I really want one. Two actually...but i'll start with one.
I work with many people who have babies...or little people...and they are just awesome creatures to behold. I mean...its a brand new person experiencing everything we adults find boring and normal for the very first time...and everything is amazing! There's no jadedness, no paranoia or worry, just miles and miles of wonder ahead. And its just the coolest thing.

Today seemed to be the first moment that I felt the "oh my god I want one" feeling. I mean, I always did, but I'm sitting there, watching a repeat of the Gilmore girls, saw a baby, and suddenly felt this crazy longing I never had before. I wanted to smell a babies head, and hold it in my arms, and kiss it's nose. It was this unbelievable urge and suddenly I felt like I must have a matter how much it changes my life....I must have one.

Like I said...not tomorrow...we would like to figure out where to live and how to feed ourselves on our meager paychecks before throwing another mouth into the mix....but hopefully soon.

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