Monday, January 08, 2007

New year, new you.

I feel so out of the blogging loop. I have nothing but time on my hands, but zero interest in writing anything. Quite a pickle to be in.

It seems the more obsessively I work on a knitting project, the longer it takes to complete. I've been hard at work on the most mind-numbingly boring shawl, but it never seems to be finished. I'm always about 50 rows away. How can this be? I must be knitting into a black hole or something. All the work I put into it somehow manifests itself somewhere else, maybe in a parallel dimension of some kind.

And, to drive me absolutely insane, I snapped my second pair of 3 32" circs. I was heartbroken the first time. So in my grief I not only ordered a second bamboo set, but also smooth, unbreakable steel, just in case. And of course, the just in case happened sooner then I had hoped. In the middle of a dark movie theater no less. (Thankfully I had a back up project with me.) I love bamboo, but seriously...two expensive circular needles snapping in a row will make a girl change her knitting preferences.

Lessons learned:
- Only use metal needles for anything below a 5.
- Always bring a back up project to a movie.

My knitting front is a bit stalled. So, other things:
- I have my second cold of the season. Thank you general population for screwing up my week
- Children of Men is an amazing movie. I can't even use adjectives to describe it because nothing I could say would do it justice. It made me feel like I got kicked in the gut repeatedly, and I'm fine with that feeling. Go see it, go see it now.
- Rome will be premiering next week. This season is chock full of sex, violence, and death. I love ancient history.
- I think my knitter's elbow may be binging to ache. I'm not at all happy about this.
- If I'm as awesome as every temp agency in the world has told me I am, why am I not working yet?
- I have a new found obsession with football. I have watched the last 5 Eagles games voluntarily. I have found myself so into the games Aaron has begun telling me to calm down repeatedly. I nearly threw a water bottle at the television......but come on...the Eagles so should have gotten their 65 yard touchdown! They were robbed.

I'm sure there's more, but I have a feeling that my stuffed nose has pushed past my nasal cavity and into my brain. Everything seems very jumbled. Damn you cold virus!

Is it 2008 yet?


Lisa said...

Gasp, does this mean the Eagles game will be on at Regina's Sat night? The ladies who knit will also be watching football? I am all for it! Go Eagles!

Sherry W said...

Football on Saturdays is just weird.
I'm not a Eagles fan per se, but I'm willing to watch.