Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas knitting is for suckers!

Ok...ok...I admit I am making one Christmas present. A hat out of Manos for my favorite bartender. He's kept me in cheap beer all year long...its the least I can do.

Everything else I have gotten for people has been store bought. And I'm damn proud!

In past years I insanely tried to make presents. Sure, they got done by Christmas morning, but they were normally rushed, damp, and hated by me by the time I gave them. They were all loved and cherished, but honestly...I like myself more then I like smiling faces. And they seem to be just as happy with a DVD or gift certificate. Sure, I didn't pour 20 hours into that DVD, but I did have to either search or actually go through the hassle of driving somewhere, parking, fighting my way through the electronics section, and waiting in line for that item! And since I have a serious hatred of crowds and stores, that DVD seems about ten times more impressive!

I'd like to be proud of all of the knitting feats I've accomplished this year. All the daydreams about wearing my warm shawls all winter long. Unfortunately, its about 64 degrees outside, so even contemplating wearing something made of alpaca makes my temples moisten.

I'm happy that Christmas is a week away. Because, damn, do I need sometime away from holiday crap. I look forward to a trip to the super market that doesn't involve Christmas carols. Then I can focus on important drinking my self silly to ring in the New Year. I've said a million times to come soon!

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Lisa said...

promises, promises!

All I have left of my one christmas knitting projects is to weave in the ends on my stepfather's socks and I am finito!

Have a very merry one and here's to lots of knitting together in the new year! Miss You!