Friday, November 17, 2006

I'm an omen

...Total creepy kind of omen..

If you see me employed at a company run the other way. It means something bad will happen.

I was laid off an hour ago. The company I was working for had to lay off both of their employees. It seems the ship was sinking way faster then anyone had expected. So...I'm now unemployed, more then a bit freaked out about my bills, and hoping to god that something shows up soon. Christmas may have to be canceled this year.

And because I have impeccable timing, I still have presents being delivered to my old place of business. I can pick them up, but unfortunately they will be closed most of next week. Thank goodness I needed everything being shipped right away. This situation is making me especially tense. I also am having a problem with one of my seems they may have not shipped everything I had requested....again....tension. I'm going to obsess about it until tomorrow morning.

The only ray of light shining through all of this gloom?
I have all this time for knitting now!
...and knitted items will be nice...since paying my gas bill will need a miracle from god.

Hopefully something more cheerful later. I'm just so bummed right now.

1 comment:

Sherry W said...

Ack, so sorry your laid off again!

Heat bills, well it's a good thing it's been warm. Maybe you'll get something new quickly this time.