Monday, October 09, 2006

I'm a horrible blogger...

...completely terrible.
I keep promising pictures and knitting stories and I'm just too lazy and/or tired to deliver.
But this time I do have a good excuse. I did drive 5 hours home from Virginia last night, and this was after I was already tired and exhausted.

I have never been so excited to have work canceled in my life!

But. I did finish my scarf. And I did see sheep on my trip. So that's fiberly, right? Although, for as many sheep the historical settlement had they had zero yarn. Isn't that a total let down?
The nerve of those people...using sheep as cute little ornaments. Hrm!

I didn't get any knitting done. I was far too preoccupied with glaring at the rain. We had a three day trip planned, it rained for two of the three days. Wouldn't you glare out your window too?

I'm just rambling. Very tired. Something more substantial soon.
With pictures!!!!


maris said...

Wuss! I've driven 20 hours in one shot by myself 80% during darkness with no sleep. Ha!

Of course, if my mother knew that, she would have killed me. And it was incredibly stupid.

Glad you had fun with the hubby. See you soon? Perhaps THIS week? Ha ha ha.

Lisa said...

Wow, I too was in VA, glaring at the rain! Wasn't it the pits?